Our Name

Redvival- Stands for Red Revival

Red- God-fearing, Red-blooded American’s with wholesome values

Revival- Actively pursue changes in today’s America and promote our old-school beliefs, morals and ideals

Our Emblem

  • The American Flag is at the center and core of our focus. Redvival is in pursuit to restore it’s original and dignified glory. The Gold and Blue stars symbolize our gratitude to active duty, fallen soldiers and veterans of our military.
  • Blue stars represent active duty soldiers and we are grateful to them for protecting our freedoms.
  • Gold stars represent fallen soldiers and we honor their sacrifice.
  • The Blue Lion and Lioness symbolize the spiritual meaning of: Power and Balance
  • The Lion is a powerful symbol of strength, courage, resilience and determination to protect and fight for what is right.
  • The Lioness is associated with wisdom and guidance. She is also a nurturing figure providing safety and security.
  • The Straight Blue Arrow pointing true North represents our values in Honesty, Humility, Accountability, Integrity, Trustworthiness and Reverence
  • The Divergent Red Arrows symbolize our never wavering pursuit to return America to wholesome values.