Our "Why"

Redvival is a veteran owned patriotic lifestyle brand determined to Revive America to more wholesome, reverent and respectable values. As we reflect on the strength, power and respect that our nation once had, it is important to acknowledge the ongoing changes in America, which reflect a societal shift and demand for a more equitable and inclusive future. These changes prompt a reexamination of our long-standing traditions and values. While it's crucial to address and alleviate discrimination, it's also essential to ensure that these changes do not undermine other foundational principles that have made America prosperous and respected around the globe.

As we navigate these changes, at REDVIVAL, we are eager to fight for and voice our wholesome and traditional values.  That does not mean disrespecting any minority group.  However, many groups couldn’t care less about offending the moral, ethical and patriotic values that we hold dear, due to their boisterous voices. So, we decided to do something about it.  We will promote our wholesome values by providing a patriotic lifestyle brand for like-minded traditionalists to show their support.  If you’re tired of seeing athletes disrespect the flag and kneel during the national anthem, or watching in disbelief as “The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” grind their bodies on a crucifix or seeing our government and social media platforms promote their narratives, while they censor wholesome and traditional values, then join us by showing your support by promoting our Patriotic Lifestyle Brand: REDVIVAL.

*Remember*  We are committed to giving 10% of all profit producing sales to various military charities. When you support REDVIVAL, you too support the US military and their families.